André Jurres

Climate change is not something that happens to others but effect all of us.  We need you to join our climate army and join us in making the world future prove again.

How can we do this?

Just some ideas;

Be global act local, we need to be active in many countries starting with the US and Europe  as we have to lead by example, we consume anyway(per capita) most of the resources of the planet, we have the technology to win, the financial means to do it, and the moral obligation to show the rest of the world that we can change.

Finding Godfathers and mothers is essential, not only to join our climate army but also to assist in the fundraising.  For this we will need to organize roadshows across the Stares and Europe and invite governments to support our ideas.  We do not only have to spend billions of dollars and Euro’s on wind and solar but also on communicating with everybody, so we make sure everybody is on board.


Some practical examples;

The Climate app: Climate label for products and services; while working together with European, US and Asian universities we create a manual (read app) which everybody can use to see what it cost to eat our cherished kiwi or shrimp, to download a movie, to buy online, to travel to Timbuktu, .  That people know which manufacturer of smartphones compensate their CO2 footprint.  It costs for example three months of energy consumption of a normal family (two parents, two kids) to make 1 smartphone.

The app is free to download but one can donate 1dollar/1 Euro while doing so.  As such they become a member and receive free information on how to limit their own footprint while doing things in a smart way.

Climate label on every product/service: We use colors to brand products and services starting with black (most negative), red, yellow, blue and green.  Every product will be explained on the app in more detail.  We should approach governments in supporting this climate idea as achieving CO2 reduction is also about choosing these products and service which actively reduce their footprint.  Other advantage is that companies who make these products will become motivated to receive the right color.

Fundraising, our Climate Ambassadors: we need some well-known people in the different countries becoming our ambassadors and make sure we reach the top 500 of largest people/companies/institutions in the world that sponsor our and other initiatives to successfully protect our climate.

Climate game; as young people want to become part of the future, they are an important gamechanger in the success of any climate initiative.  We should consider on making a game which can be downloaded for free.  The main topic is that the Climate change army successfully battles it out and make the planet greener and saver.  In doing so they can buy assistance in successfully building their own strategy in doing so.  The income of this game goes fully towards climate change measures and projects.

Climate products; we should consider in bring products to the market which have either our label(climate prove) or are made by ourselves(via manufactures but have our private label) and the income out of these products are used to fund our goals and as such projects.


Of course, every idea needs a detailed list of specs and a roll-out plan before starting!