André Jurres

One of the key speakers was the CEO of Dong energy, Anders Eldrup who brought a challenging message with regard to the strategy of his company.  Within 20 years they want to completely turn around their production park towards green electricity.  From the current 15% green production they want to go to 85% percent of which half of this objective already has to be reached by 2020.  The aim to grow aggressively in offshore wind, for this they have ordered already 500 offshore windmills at Siemens of 3.6 MW each.  As they are already the world largest offshore producer they definitely plan to stay one of the biggest.  But he also mentioned that going to a low carbon society will also mean that we have to change the way we life.  One of the changes he mentioned is that we have to start to eat a lot less meat, no cows and no pigs anymore.  Besides their investment in offshore wind they will also continue to invest in small cogeneration units and electrify their car park.  Although companies can use the green industry as a marketing tool it is clear that Dong energy has set itself targets that go beyond the marketing of Europe like 20/20/20 by 2020.  Besides a number of other qualitative excellent speakers my attention was also taken by a certain mr. Fauche, the managing director of Enel in Russia who gave us a pleasant(not the content but the way he brougt his speech) view on the current business(and past) tradition in Russia.  As I have had the pleasure to visit Moscow during the years 1996-1997 for Belgacom I recognized a number of things.  Central decision making process, the former KGB top executives still run the important parts of the country(read energy, prime minister, etc) and all clichés are still very much valid for the country.  More disturbing however is the poor state of the countries infrastructure, either production or grid/network, it is all older than I am.  Break downs like happened in Siberia with a large hydro plant last year are most likely to happen more and more in the future.  He confirmed that the back-log(read investments that are not made or much to late) will result in massive problems in the years to come.  The picture looks unreal, a country with such enormous natural energy resources not able to provide for its own needs.  Nevertheless you could see that this person already had become part Russian as he took the situation with a certain cool or Russian style.